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This photo is a grear illustration of bondage because, as you can see, the string around the woman is fairly thin and could be easily broken, therefore, her bondage is an illusion. This concept is best illustrated in the novel when an illusionist "traps" her audience by seemingly making the exits disappear, causing a panic. However, in truth, the viewers were never truly trapped, thus making their bondage only as resticting as they allowed it to be.

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Party Game: Poop The Potato from

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Duel. (1971) Based on Richard Matheson's story of the same name. Starring Dennis Weaver. A great movie with rising tension, paranoia and fear.

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Do you also suffer this fear?

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This event taking place in a disused quarry looks absolutely terrifying

The Ultimate Guide to Your First Obstacle Race #infographic #Running #Sports

The Ultimate Guide to Your First Obstacle Race #infographic

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Scathach’s themes are sports, strength, excellence, kinship, art, tradition, magic, protection and victory. Her symbols are Tartans (plaids) and Celtic music. This Celtic mother figure endows strength, endurance and the ability to ‘go the distance’ no matter our situation. In Scotland She is also a warrior Goddess who protects the land using magic as a weapon, as implied by the translation of Her name, ‘she who strikes fear.’ Warriors from around Scotland were said to have studied under…

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