The Secret ~ Law of Attraction.  Attract Positive Energy

“The most important thing for you to know is that it is impossible to feel bad and at the same time be having good thoughts. That would defy the law, because your thoughts cause your feelings.

Ricardo Bofill

Home Tour: Creative Details Reign in a Modern Country House

High ceilings + huge windows + books, a perfect place to work (via Style Division) Old Cement Factory, Barcelona, Architect: Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura Photo: Adrain Gaut

Creative Digital Artwork and Photo Manipulations by Kevin Roodhorst

Creative and Unique Editorial Illustrations by Eiko Ojala

New-York-Times-Goodnight-Sleep-Clean Digital Papercut Illustrations by Eiko Ojala

Aspen by Diives on DeviantArt

Character belongs to Britzle————————– Remember I upload my art on Patreon first!Diives patreonDiives patreon Diives patreon <<< woah that animation

lisa congdon's studio tour & new book art inc. / sfgirlbybay

lisa congdon's studio tour & new book art inc. / sfgirlbybay - artist at work

Allo Worms!!! Be sure to read these stats and what not. The back stories are amazing and have much depth!

Page for my "Practical Visitor's Guide to the Labyrinth" Painted in Photoshop using the film as reference. The Labyrinth and. Labyrinth Guide - Firey Page 1