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Top Careers for Students of Criminology and Criminal Justice #infographic

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Survey Corps Workout - Because one day I will master the 3DMG and kick some titan butt. ;)

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Morgan & Garcia in "The Black Queen" I love this!!!!!Look at Reid's face.he's all like "Hostile envirronment?I see nothin wrong in the way Garcia and Morgan talk."

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Shadows fled past me. I could feel them, more so then I could see them. It was as if I was in slow motion, unable to move as they fled. Fled from what? The answer came swift as a pain ripped through her stomach. She looked down to find a dark dagger pressed into her abdomen, and a swirl of dark air fused together to form a hand. And what once was a blur was now a face, controlled and deathly, looking back at her.

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It's disturbing>> it's amazing<< Like Phil? << exactly like Phil

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7 Body Language Tips to Tell if Someone is Lying

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"FBI training." by tvshowlover1007 ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring WithChic, NIKE, Victoria's Secret, Casetify, Cartier and Miss Selfridge

Yeah. Its doesn't bother me at all because when it comes down to it this show is about Dean and Sam

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"We live for the night's decor, it reveals what we dream of." - Glowing Eyes by Twenty Øne Piløts

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Online Criminal Justice Degree Holders Are the Best Candidates for FBI Agents’ Jobs

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