One of Faye Wong's signature look - sweeping blush across the face.

Faye Wong (or Wang Fei in Chinese) 2000 Nián zuì chàngxiāo de yuèyǔ liúxíng qǔ nǚ(best selling canto pop singer in

fayewongfuzao: “ Faye Wong, 1994 ”

aliceroxy - visual moodboard by fashion stylist Charlotte Everaert

Faye Wong in Switch Magazine November 1997.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Faye Wong in Switch Magazine Back in the Day

les anti-modernes*: style inspiration: faye wong

Faye Wong (or Wang Fei, as she's known in HK and China) has always had a fantastic personal style that makes her stand out from the sea of .