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Oh Father Ted, how I do miss watching thee after a late night at the pub...

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Font Friday: Halis Rounded, with help from Father Ted's Mrs Doyle

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14 Moments From "Father Ted" That We Will Always Remember Father Jack By

When Father Jack sobers up for lent and doesn’t recognise Father Ted or Dougal.

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By Frank Carson

As BT suspends 30 staff for telling an Irish joke, veteran comedian Frank Carson…

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Kicking Bishop Brennan by Sakurako Kitsa, via Flickr Father Ted is one of the funniest, no THE funniest sit com!

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I once believed in all this stuff, as a youngster I had a big fear of God and the Marist Brothers who educated me. Now I am somewhere between agnostic and atheist. Clearing my brain of false fears had to be done to get over my panic attacks. Now my faith is in life, I love life. Paul Ianni

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