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Trinity Infographic

This is an infographic created by Tim Challies that explains some of the different heresies that come out of poor explanations of the Trinity. It’s lack of lizards is noted. You may need to c…

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trinity craft--love it as is, but also can re include chalice to picture foursquare symbol of Saviour, Healer, Baptizer, Soon and Coming King

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Are Depression and Anxiety Part of Your Life?

Are Depression and Anxiety part of your life? Depression often doesn't look just like sadness. It takes many forms -- angry outbursts, hyperactivity, mood swings. Read on for: *Find new peace and strength. *Renew your faith *Learn of new resources *Get hope and find healing. Click for more.

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3.2 This crucifix shows Jesus' humanity, and how the rest of the Trinity was there with him, which represents His divinity. This shows us both sides of Jesus and reminds us that as God calls us to take up our crosses he will constantly be with us.

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How to explain the Trinity to kids using an apple. :-)The peel is like God the Father, because He protects us. The flesh is like God the Son, because Jesus is God made flesh. The seeds are like the Holy Spirit because He helps us grow as he was yet to come. He already has come and gave us eternal life for ALL who seek him. amen

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A painted wooden figure that opens to display a devotional scene: in the centre, Christ, with a cruciform halo (or God), holding a crucifix; on the wings to the left and right, the faithful of various stations in life.

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