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Father Of Statistics

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Vindicating Manhood

Vindicating Manhood begins by explaining the author's father always wanted a son. The author tried to prove throughout life that she was just as capable of doing all the things considered "manly." Furthermore, she explains that she loves being a woman and appreciates manhood.She is passionate about manhood yet reiterating manhood just furthers the notion that being feminine is the worst possible thing you can be.

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Debunking the Men’s Rights Movement

What follows is a response to a popular list of claims and arguments made by men's rights activists. 1. SUICIDE: Men’s suicide rate is 4.6 times higher than that of women’s. [Dept. Health & Hum...


#MentalHealth is prevalent in all age groups. Understanding the facts of mental health can help professionals and those around them better diagnose and support the victims.


This graphic of world religions impresses me on a data visualization level. But I'm saddened that only a fraction of the 12.5 million Mormons will be white and delightsome enough to please Heavenly Father by practicing the one true religion, though I suppose The Lord is also pleased by the millions from Prophet Smith's time who've since passed on to the Celestial Kingdom... wait, did I type "Mormons"? I meant "Zoroastrians". Whoops, my bad.


And for the record: Evolution is NOT a belief. It is a fact. I didn't choose to believe in evolution. I examined and acknowledged the evidence that supports it.