Yes! I compare myself to every person I see and I am way uglier. Why can't I be beautiful?

I'm actually like 198 lbs. I know I'm fat. I mean I'm size 16 and I can't even go shopping clothes without crying because I'm so fucking disgusting.

When I was 14 I used bulimia as a coping strategy. Coping with my weight and body image and coping with a need to be in control. Two years have passed.

When I was 19 years old, I came down with anorexia. I had it for about a year before it became public. And it had a lot to do with my self-esteem. Tracey Gold >> bad self esteem is a bitch, she ruins everything

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There is no reason to feel bad about yourself if your doctor just told you that you are depressed. Depression is a common condition, and there are many ways to get over it if you are ready to take action.

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Why is this so fucking true. But its always good to have that one amazing friend that actually understands.

I think from now on im just going to not talk.if anyone (highly doubt it(maybe "BFF"might notice)) notices ill say "You dont care! No one does so.Carry on with ur life and ill carry on with mine" (;

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The next time someone calls you "fat", confidently remind them AND YOURSELF that "fat is subjective". 😊 I prefer "healthy" and "well-fed" anyways, but most of all--HAPPY!