"Me: "I'm fat."  People: "You're beautiful!"  Me: "...thanks. never said I was ugly...""

True tho, I say I'm fat a lot and people correct me with compliments or "no your beautiful" and I am thinking "when did I say I was ugly? I just said fat. Fat doesn't mean ugly"

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You went through that box of chocolates pretty fast didn't you MANdy?


I only eat 2 meals a day. Gimme a break. In total my meal weighs mostly meats no vegetables. When I shit I always have to use to the plunger. When I shit I always!

Fat Chinese People | ... as the bottom 1-2 percent of “ugly people” in the United States

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Seriously though, if you ask my daughter (who was overjoyed when she finally made it to 00 in jeans lol) she will tell you "We are the skinniest fat people you'll ever meet!"

omg i hate be skinny fat girls think its hard but it's worse for me. I eat more then my husband and way more then my boss and they both are not skinny it sucks. I have been eating m&ms the party bag bf i go to bed and still nothing!

This was listed as "Epic Funny Fat Girls". I do not see anything funny about it. To see this obviously obese woman exercising is a testament to her strength. No one knows her story the how or why she is in the shape she is. However, society is judging her only by her outward appearance. I say you go girl!

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Fat people problem--yep that's pretty much me.

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