fat football player needs some spanx

Understanding Football- A Guide for Wives of Football Addicts

Funny sports pictures - Picture a cute baseball player, do you think the person is wearing clothes that are too small or too big is her belly? First time I've seen an athlete with a wide stomach it.

#AlexSolis’ #fat #football players - very amusing!

Colombia-based illustrator Fulvio Obregon has created a series of illustrations, in which he imagined World Cup soccer players as.

#AlexSolis’ #fat #football players - very amusing!

Fat players - et si les Stars du football étaient gros ~ Le Bouquinovore


Today I am unfolding a post that would be a great wit and humor to watch “If Football Players Were Sumo Wrestlers” how would they possibly look?

Seattle Seahawks new uniform ...  fat football players will not look this good.

The Seattle Seahawks have chosen to take full innovation and a completely new re-design for the new Nike Elite 51 Uniform.

Brian Dawkins! To a class act & an all time favorite Eagle player!

Philadelphia Eagle, Brian Dawkins, Thanks for the memories, BDawk. Enjoy your retirement.