NIH Spending $433,577 To Find Out What Kids Think Of Fat Characters In Movies

'Obesogenic’ culture the subject of government study


After you have created your gig and mad a lot of money with it, you can still implement the “rinse

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It is now mid-November and here in Edinburgh, I have genuinely lost count of the number of (often larger) lassies I have passed on the street wearing this uniform of short-shorts and ultra thin tights.ll must be FREEZING.

Wasabi e Yama, de Big Hero 6!, por Jin Kim | THECAB - The Concept Art Blog

Wasabi e Yama, de Big Hero 6!, por Jin Kim

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Ye Olde Walk from Richard Williams' useful classic, The Animator's Survival Kit Three things to do For Week Create an animated walk .

Fat Animal Acrylic Charms~! by Rebecca and Damien Bakels-Murphy — Kickstarter

Rebecca and Damien Bakels-Murphy is raising funds for Fat Animal Acrylic Charms~! on Kickstarter! They're fat and cute! Put these Fat Animal acrylic charms on all of the things!

Inspiration for the Prophet of Nine. #MetalShadow From The Witcher artbook

NPC: Limus Lutum of house Lutum (Limus the Greedy by the townfolk of Cliffside): Race: Human: He is the mayor of Cliffside. He dies if he is hit once.