layout ideas - I like the positioning of the text it has no order yet it is very neat. Also the small text boxes of writing are placed randomly. There are elements of disorder yet it looks very ordered.

Artsy Fashion: Lisette + Natalie for Elle Mexico by Elliot & Erick

Art School accents find their way onto this fashion editorial - Elle Mexico shot by Elliot & Erick

COLOUR STORIES - the colour blocking is effective here to not only link the images but convey spring (Fashion Trends Layout)

CM Committee- I like the geographic idea of this- use a model side photo and then overlay text on top (poster) Science Fashion This design imitates the periodic table of the elements-a creative way to look at fashion December 2013

Minimal Fashion Inspiration

Winter / Fall Fashion classic minimalist fashion- Tap the link now to see our super collection of accessories made just for you!

Materials for Porto Fashion Makers.Porto Fashion Makers is the city experienceof City Fashion Makers - a studio of fashioncommunication and trend analysis based in Porto.