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From the 1957 fashion essay, Stylish Slouch - Spring suits—and wearers—take on a relaxed look. (Gordon Parks—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

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Catalogue Images: Nick Knight - Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! - SHOWstudio - The Home of Fashion Film

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The Sixties really WERE swinging! Brits choose decade as one they'd most like to have lived in (and men vote it the sexiest thanks to miniskirts and bikinis)

1960s fashions (such as those by designer Mary Quant) are the UK's fashion favourites of the past 75 years

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This photo essay of young men in mid-sixties Watts reminds me of the Mods in working class Britain. Trying to rise above their circumstances via fashion and style.

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These men are pictured in a publicity shot in 1966 (left) wearing shirts, ties and knitted...

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Bleach Re-Opening

Hairspiration: The return of the 90's mini buns.

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fashion in the 1960s: MOD

Mod Fashion: group of young people in Britiain in mid 1960's; mod fashion statement was elegance, long hair, granny glasses, and Edwardian finery. Males as well as females were entitled to wear handsome and dashing clothing. Wide range of clothing associated with mods included: miniskirts, maxi full length "granny dresses," knee high socks and boots, shift dresses, etc.

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knotformation: “futurafrika: “ ISSA SAMB "Issa Samb is considered a total artist. His practice ranges from acting, for both theatre and cinema, to writing (poetry, essays, novels), installing,...

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