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Farmhouse Path Lights

Roasted Vegetables Salad

Roasted Vegetables Salad recipe from Nancy Fuller via Food Network

Eighteenth-Century Cottage In The Cotswolds

Needing a weekend escape from their busy lives and stressful careers in London, designer Caroline Holdaway and her photographer partner, Fatimah Namdar, relish the peace and quiet of their eighteenth-century cottage in the Cotswolds. Simon Brown A stone path leads through the front garden to the main entrance of the Cotswolds cottage. Simon Brown A …

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Oh, how ling it's been since seeing the beaches of Ocean Shores! (It's not a pic of, just reminds me of it!)

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a white snowy Christmas Holidays house with path and a lovely door is not the Christmas I get to experience these it's big blue skies and seafood on the beach

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Getting up from her knees, the first thing she noticed was that they didn't crack, then, her cuts were gone, her clothing fine, Micha smiled, the fog lifted, "Welcome to the family, little sis." He said, as she turned, and took off down the trail Gentle Breezes by Allie O'Hymn

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Potted Olive trees under planted with Agastache, agapanthus and anemone

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