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Farmhouse Dehydrators

Of all the appliances that are useful on a homestead, a dehydrator is my MOST PRODUCTIVE. It saves me hundreds of dollars each year, and it produces some of our favorite preserved foods and snacks. Don't waste your time and money on the wrong kind of dehydrator, they are not all created equal!

from The Prairie Homestead

Simple Tips for Harvesting Herbs + 3 Easy Ways to Dry Herbs {Guest Post

from The Garden Glove

How To Harvest and Preserve Your Garden Herbs

drying-herbs-56 How to Preserve Herbs – Drying Herbs Drying herbs is pretty self explanatory, but the most space intensive way to preserve herbs. If you choose this route, you must have a warm, dry indoor area to hang the herbs. Hang them in small bunches, cover them to keep them clean, and when dry, strip the leaves off the branches and seal in bags or jars. Make sure they are crispy dry before you seal them up. You can also dry herbs in the microwave or a food dehydrator.