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Exclusive interview with journalist and communication skills coach Edie Lush. Where we discuss her new book 'How to Speak with Confidence in Public'.

from sekigan

Plot bunny!!!

I walked into the broken area of town. The area that nobody entered. Well, almost nobody. I'm here. I sit down and start to eat. Being on the run can be hard. I shoot up from where I was sitting when I hear a crunch of glass. I hold up my bat.


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(Be him? Open RP) I back up into a tree scared. He was hungry I could tell that much as he touched his lips staring at me with those grey eyes. "You will do quite nice..." He says and picks me up throwing me over his shoulder. "Stop! Please!!" I screamed scared but nobody would hear me out here in the woods. He chuckles "calm down I want you alive, stupid girl."