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Male Character Art Collection

Baluk Valeir, acolyte in the Church of Abbias with an inherent connection with the unseen forces of the Fronen--the powers by which all creation came to be

Christian Heart - Following the Kahn                              …

Edric- chosen by Ashton for his swordsmanship. Arrogant and said to be an acquired taste.

Men of Color In Fantasy Art

Morakan Bawamjjeko, a fighter from the city Inmandjar in the north Harkoro desert, must practice under the hot desert sun to train his endurance.

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Trade with the amazing He composed a song for my character, Aurvandil, listen here, it's amazing You can find me elsewhere : Facebo. AT - Why Walk

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This hunter stalks his prey in Master's Walk; striking fear in the minds of his enemies by donning a headdress reminiscent of the Wendigo.

Men of Color In Fantasy Art

Men of Color In Fantasy Art

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A soul retrieval often includes a healing story or message. A shamanic practitioner may give you a healing story about the soul essence that is returning to you. It may be a strong creative force or a deep inner knowing that returns to you.

Na antiguidade as pessoas com doenças contagiosas (lepra/peste) eram confinadas em locais isolados. Esse cara daria um ótimo "carcereiro"

m Rogue Arcane Trickster w book lantern crow spassundspiele: “ The Hermit – fantasy character concept by Hector Pohl ”