I love this so much! Chris Evans as Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four. ♥ I will repin this everytime I see it.

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So excited about Fantastic Beasts! Check out this awesome guide to all the fabulous creatures you will see. Harry Potter Party| 10+ crafts and games to play with Free Party Printables
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Disney Alice Through the Looking Glass EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek Trailer & Behind-the-Scenes NEW featurette with singer P!nk #DisneyAlice

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I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!! Conversation with some one who doesn't like this movie: Me: OMG!! Have you seen Jurassic world yet?! OMG! It the best movie ev... Person: um, I don't really like that movie. Me:... Person: are you okay?? Me: you don't like that movie??? Person: no. I kind of hate it. Me: I'm taking you to the doctor Person: why?! Me: because your either terribly sick or your just an a**hole.

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westworld title sequence Fantastic series loved it all the more because I am writing satire about stuff similar. White knuckle with JJs touches and superb television with suitable twists. Love it. Fav series of this year and fab sucessor to movie. 20 out of 12

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So, this Harry Potter-inspired bath bomb is pretty much the coolest thing ever. | There's A Harry Potter Bath Bomb That Shows You Which Hogwarts House You Belong In

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The-Alien-Evolution-infographic(Something to Know)
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