Orange | Arancio | Oranje | オレンジ | Colour | Texture | Style | Form | Pattern | Chakin. photo by Osamu Yamazaki.

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Fantail Goldfish--another favorite animal. When I worked at a pet store, a woman came in crying because she had recently lost a beloved goldfish due to old age. She was ready for a new one. I swear a goldfish swam up to her like a dog when called! She bought him! She was a goldfish whisperer. Some people just have an affinity with other species. Amazing!

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black goldfish. So beautiful. And just to be clear, it is NOT a beta! Ok? For all you people out there who might mistake this fish for a beta its a black goldfish. Thank you for your time.(:

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A beautiful Red and White Fantail Goldfish in one of our aquariums, when our DrTom snapped this picture. To see more click on ...

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