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Expressing Emotions (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Characters express their emotions in different ways and with varying intensity. | #amwriting

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Opening Scene (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

This #writing worksheet can help your character make an entrance and set the scene.

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Mini Quest (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Send your character on a mini quest with this writing worksheet. | #amwriting

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tag yourself I'm walmart dop com --- i'm wario fanfiction-- I'm wet dream about minecraft<<<gotta go with wario fanfiction

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Wattpad: OMG so here's this donut and it loves my OC this cupcake and they'll love happily ever after and have babies in an x-rated lemon sequel!!1!

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do you guys feel included now?<<totally - I'm so happy now<<< I feel noticed<< WHAT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT PURE?!?!??!

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Choose a Genre (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

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