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Escaping a Tight Spot (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

This writing worksheet will come to your character's rescue! :) >

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Stunning Wildlife on

Stunning close-up of a red fox in a meadow! Beautiful!

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Idea Generation Worksheet

Here is a #writing worksheet that will have you generating story ideas a dozen at a time! |

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Morning Routines for Writers (Writer Worksheet Wednesday)

How can you fit writing into your morning routine? Writing worksheet >

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I pinned this because... Harry Potter

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Free Novel Outline

If you can't think of an idea for a novel, you can download this FULL outline & start writing right away! > #writing

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Inmates (A Joe Sugg Fanfiction) - 3 - Curiosity

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Occupations (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Occupations are a great shorthand for creating characters! | 2-page writing worksheet:

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British and American English vocabulary list of differences: part 3

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