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“Coke Side of Life” Poster Illustrator Milton Glaser-inspired poster for Coca-Cola's 2007 "Coke Side of Life" Campaign.


James Earl Jones, actor. With a career of 50+ years, he has become known as "one of America's most distinguished and versatile" actors & "one of the greatest actors in American history". He has starred in The Great White Hope, Conan the Barbarian, Coming to America, Cry, the Beloved Country, Under One Roof, & many others. His voiceover work includes voicing CNN & Verizon taglines and Darth Vader & Mufasa. He has received 2 Tonys, Golden Globe, Honorary Oscar, SAG Lifetime Achievement & 3…


Read more: KitKat Ad for KitKat to mark the release of the latest James Bond movie. Tags: JWT (J. Walter Thompson), London,Dave Dye,Chris Hutton,KitKat,Alexander Ball,Ronnie Vicek

Read more: n/a John Hegarty himself art-directed this very early Audi commercial from BBH. Tags: Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), London,Steve Hooper,John Hegarty,John S. Clarke,John S. Clarke Productions, London,Audi 80

Read more: Effortless In this new film for Brylcreem, which may bring back memories of the famous Honda "Cog" spot, a young guy goes through his morning rituals "effortlessly," which also happens to be the tagline of this campaign for the brand of men's hair care products. Tags: WCRS, London,Debbie,Brylcreem,Oli Beale,Tori Flower,Sonny

Read more: Voices A bar that looks as if a nuclear meltdown has just taken place, chairs are lying around and a plate of canapés is melting like Dali's famous clocks. "Perrier - everything else isn't" is the tagline of this Leo Burnett 1993 classic. Tags: Leo Burnett, London,Perrier,Nick Lewin,Lewin & Watson, London,Norman Icke,Kim Knowlton