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Sailor and nurse who were pictured kissing in celebration of end of second world war are reunited in Times Square 67 years later

'Wait for Me, Daddy' – Story behind one of the most famous photos to come out of Canada during World War II

Warren Bernard reaches for his father’s hand in New Westminster, Canada, Photograph: Claude D Detloff/City of Vancouver Archives

Vivian Maier // Jeff Golstein Collection

The official tribute website of photographer Vivian Maier, Jeffrey Goldstein collection.

One of the first photos I fell in love with. It's amazing!

Marilyn Monroe, "Seven Year Itch" set, New York City from the portfolio Big Shots Garry Winogrand (American, one of my favorite shots of MM.

30 Most Amazing Photography examples around the world – Amazing Photos

30 Most Amazing Photography examples around the world - Amazing Photos

I really like the dramatic feel to the image. The light used is probably a snoot to create the dramatic feel.

Portraiture Photography By Famous Photographers i like this because it creates a horror look. this is using a snoot light because it creates a hard light on the face. which creates the effect and mood

creating beauty portraits fstoppers tori Secrets to Crafting Top Quality Beauty Portraits: Studio Lighting

Use rim light rather than background light to provide the complementary colours. Photo by Julia Kuzmenko McKim, Model: Tori Tracy, Makeup & Hair: Mikala Jean Vandenbroucke

We had no idea what to expect but the famous Cliffs Of Moher did not disappoint! Fun fact: we visited on one of the rare days where there was almost no wind!

Your love lifts my soul, From the body to the sky. You lift me up out of two words. Into one wrold. I want your sun, To reach my raindr.