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Famous People From Colombia

"The Kuna are famous for their molas, a traditional handicraft made of brightly coloured layers of cotton fabric appliqué. Tiny, evenly spaced stitches frame each piece of fabric, bits of which are cut back to expose lower layers, which are then sewn together to form a colourful design." Panama: the Bradt Guide;


Our Disastrous Guide to Hiking Valle de Cocora in Salento, Colombia

The Valle de Cocora hike in Salento, Colombia is famous for its 200 foot tall wax palms. What people don't tell you is that the hike also includes an uphill trek through deep, thick mud in a rainy cloud forest!

Las Palenqueras are the famous ladies dressed in vibrant colours carrying fruit baskets on their head. They are from the city of San Basilio De Palenque which is one hour away from Cartagena, Colombia. They symbolize the struggles of the black cimarrones - slaves who courageously escaped from their owners in search of a better future. by flower_bee


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