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Donegal, Ireland, barely a half hours drive from home, we spent every sunny hour here we could, winter and summer. I still say you'll find some of the best beaches in the world in Donegal.

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Sir William Orpen, R.H.A., R.A. (1878-1931) Count John McCormack (Famous Irish tenor of his day)

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It’s the most famous Irish song of its' generation, perhaps the most popular ever, yet very few seem to know the history and background to “The Fields of Athenry.”

Dublin City

"The tart with the cart"-see also "the hags with bags"and "the floozie in the jacuzzi"

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'Westlife Corp' on Facebook! ~ @ ~ LOVING THIS! :-) xxx

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Rupert Brooke, 1887-1915, was an English poet, dramatist, literary critic, travel writer, political activist and soldier. Best known as one of the famous war poets on World War One. Most famous poems are The Soldier and Grantchester.

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WATCH You Haven't Heard The 'Friends' Theme Song Like This

Three Irish Guys Perform A Beautiful And Emotional Version Of The 'Friends' Theme Song

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Rik Mayall fans campaign for 'Bottom' punch memorial

Rik Mayall fans campaign for Bottom bench where he punched Ade Edmondson in the groin

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Remote Scottish island – famous for its 50,000 puffins – wants 10 new residents to add to its human population of just 55 - Scotland Now

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sometimes i wonder if i will ever love a man as much as my 11year old self loved ronan keating.

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The secrets of my success: Carlos Santana

Three words: Samba Pa Ti Love Carlos Santana, b. 1947 Mexico. amazingly fabulous guitarist. Even my aunt slice saw him in her 80s

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