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Piano master, guitar master, high and low notes master, falsetto master, songwriting master, master of sexyness and whatever more......

I asked famous pole dancers why they think they are a success... including answers from Felix Cane, Cleo The Hurricane, Allegra King, Natasha Wang, Tiff Finney and more!

Spitfire P7350 (front) flies alongside Hurricane LF363 (back). The aircraft are part of the famous Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) of historic RAF aircraft from the Second World War.


One well-known pirate, Jean Lafitte of the Barataria Pirates, is reputed to have had a crew of one thousand. The mythology surrounding Lafitte portrays him as both criminal and hero. He considered himself not a pirate but a privateer. The black market provisions that he trafficked helped to maintain the Southern, and at that time far Western, reaches of the United States—an area neglected by most of the nation. New Orleans and the Delta depended on supplies from the pi

This 20 foot tall fiberglass Great Dane stands in front of the Great Dane Trailers facility. The Great Dane has been the company's symbol since 1931. This statue was built in 1960 and was originally installed in Orlando, FL. It was knocked over in 1979 during Hurricane David and again in 1980 by a tornado. The statue was knocked over again in the late 1990s by a hit-and-run driver. When the Orlando facility closed in 2001, the statue was moved here.