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Iyanla: Fix My Suburban Lie

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Dysfunctional families always need someone to blame ... because they can't seem to own up to the 'real' problem or see their own behavior.

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20 Image Quotes To Share

The most dangerous liars are those who think they are telling the truth - Google Search

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I know, I know... I stood up for myself, I'm such a bitch! And while you blame me for your problems and the reason you have problems,, the one thing, the real thing that it's really about is that it's your problem and I have too much self respect to let it continue.

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Marriage Problems - How to Save A Marriage from Marriage Problems

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In this article I will be highlighting common problems that get people stuck in cold and difficult un-empathetic families. I will reveal the most effective way of thinking about and dealing with these problems so that you can cope better regardless of the negative experiences you are encountering within your own family situation. Then I will share 5 steps you can begin to use today for moulding a supportive family network around yourself.

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Before we were dating, my boyfriend actually asked me if I had multiple personality disorder because of this

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