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Large Customized Family Mission Statement Sign ~ Anderson Design {LFMSAD36X24}

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Strengthening Family: Creating a Family Mission Statement. I recommend taking it a step further, and write a "a family bill of rights" and a family goals for 2015. The list is endless - when the family works together.

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Businesses have mission statements to keep them on track, help communicate the overall mission of the organization to employees, and to help them in everyday decision making. Your family can enjoy these same benefits within your family by creating a mission statement all your own. Today I want to sh

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How to Write Your Family Mission Statement in 9 Steps - Leah Heffner -

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Hf #44: Developing a Scripture-Based Family Mission Statement

Developing a mission statement for your life, for your family, and for your home can be a powerful tool to help give you clarity and direction. It doesn’t have to be a long or complicated process, with just a few minutes, you can put some real thought and intentionality behind why you do what you do every single day.

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