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Wreck it Ralph, the first movie of the year! We watched it 50 times last year, I wonder how many this year? So far only 5 times.

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Community Post: 25 Times "Family Guy" Was Right About Everything

When they discussed wannabe photographers. | 25 Times "Family Guy" Was Right About Everything


If you don't know, In 2012, Dan had a mental breakdown because their fans wouldn't stop with all this "Phan" stuff. Which was harmless, but then people started asking Dan and Phil's families about Phan. (This is where no homo Howell comes from this 2012 time) and Dan got skinnier and sadder. Which is horrible, because he just became a vegan, which is going to make him skinnier. They acted a little different in the new gaming video, too. So guys, pls stop pushing them to come out. Please…


I miss Dil. Phan did a new video on the gaming channel today, but it wasn't Sims 4 || I just simply love you, guys! 115 repins! TYSM :3 And remember, don't cry, craft!