Movie and TV workouts. This is one of the few shows on here that I actually watch.

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Family Guy and The Sims. Omg I give all the credit in the world to whomever took the time to do this.

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Family Guy Drinking Game (3/4)

Family Guy Drinking Game - I don't drink alcohol so we do shots of condiments (hot sauce, salsa, bbq, mustard) Don't laugh, it's not as easy as you may think. I've seen grown men cry when having to drink a shot of hot sauce.

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our dobi looks like the retarded horse when he gets in your face. that's his nickname, retarded horse.

When they discussed wannabe photographers. | 25 Times "Family Guy" Was Right About Everything

When they discussed wannabe photographers.

stewie on photography. can aim a camara' In thinks she' s a photographer. , a black and white" picture of a lawn chair. wtf 18 thumbs for copying something of family guy jesus what has this site come to family guy funny stewie brian

Stewie from Family Guy - Get back in here!

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That's it for Meg.

10 Times Family Guy Mercilessly Roasted Meg

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Who wore it better?

Who wore it better?