I slip past the guards into the secret exit Damien told me about. I smirk, sure that I'm home free. I turn the corner and find myself face to face with Syerra.

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Othello Castle, Famagusta, Cyprus

The century Othello Castle, also known as Othello's Tower, in Famagusta in east Cyprus

The story behind the famous ghost town of Famagusta, Cyprus.

Famagusta-The Story Behind This Famous Ghost Town

Famagusta, Cyprus before the 1974 turkish occupation of North Cyprus.

Famagusta, Cyprus ghost town occupied by the turks

Varosha in Famagusta, Cyprus was once a glamorous beach town graced by film stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Brigitte Bardot, but is now deserted. It was abandoned when the resort was invaded by Turkish troops in 1974, and today is fenced off and still occupied

Hauntingly beautiful abandoned locations that nature is reclaiming

Abandoned towns of the world: Varosha, Cyprus A thriving tourist area prior to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in the mid Varosha's inhabitants fled and never returned, leaving the high rise hotels to crumble and the beaches deserted.

The beautiful Famagusta Cyprus sundy beach

The beautiful Famagusta Cyprus sundy beach

Beach at Famagusta Cyprus #beach #bluewater #cyprus

Beach at Famagusta Cyprus walking down this beach with my Husband and daughter felt so eary. Looking up at the deserted hotels and armed guard's. Interesting visit and history since 1974 x

Famagusta Cyprus

Famagusta Cyprus

St. Nicolas Cathedral, Famagusta, Cyprus. The 13th century cathedral is a classic example of the French Gothic architectural style. It is the largest medieval building in Famagusta. Its Gothic architecture resembles the great cathedral of Rheims in Paris, France. The city is still illegally occupied by Turkish troops since 1974

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