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Pictures of the day: 21 March 2013

A whale flashes a killer smile as he homes in on his lunch, off Kona, Hawaii.The photograph shows what appears to be a big grin plastered across the face of a False Killer Whale as he patrols the sea looking for food. American photographer Doug Perrine, 60, snapped the shot

from Mail Online

Stunning pictures show how playful dolphins love to show off their acrobatic leaps

Dolphins are highly intelligent marine mammals and are part of the family of toothed whales that includes orcas and pilot whales.

from Aquaviews - SCUBA Blog

5 Relatively Unknown Whale Species

The false killer whale (Pseudorca crassidens) is a cetacean, and the third-largest member of the oceanic dolphin family (Delphinidae).


Leaping great white sharks photographed attacking seals off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa

In a tactic known as 'spy hopping', the great white shark is also one of only a few sharks that regularly lift its head above the sea surface to sight their prey. It is believed that it enables them to smell better while hunting


Rare sighting of false killer whales off Hawaii; one seems to smile for camera

False killer whales investigated a tour boat in Hawaii recently and the crew captured mesmerizing underwater footage of the mysterious mammals, including one that seemed to be smiling for the camera. The pod of false killer whales, which like orcas are members of the dolphin family, was encountered during a Wild Side Specialty Tours expedition off West Oahu. The mammals became curious about the submerged camera used to document their behavior.