Last week when I sewed up my Japanese Knock Off Tote Bag, I decided it really needed a false bottom. A false bottom is that stiff thing you often find in duffel bags and purses that help them keep a nice shape at the bottom.

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False bottom help. I just bought a false bottom with 2.3/4" height. I need to strike with 5 gallons of water. Do I add more water to compensate for the height difference? #homebrewing #homebrew #beer #craftbeer #brewingbeer #beerbrewing #recipe #DIY #hops #mead #homebrewer

20 Secret Hiding Places Got some cash or valuables to hide? Try one of these clever, simple ways to hide those items from all but the smartest, most determined crooks.

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Jackpot! Lots of tutorials on how to make dress up clothes. Super hero eye masks, a magicians hat with false bottom to pull things out of, princess hat and tiara, skirts... Fun :)

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