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Sorcerer King is a new 4X game from Stardock, producers of classics like Sins of a Solar Empire and Fallen Enchantress.

Ceridwen In Welsh legend, Ceridwen was an enchantress. Medieval poetry refers to her as possessing the cauldron of Poetic Inspiration (Awen). The Tale of Taliesin recounts her swallowing her servant Gwion Bach, who is then reborn through her as the poet Taliesin. Ceridwen is regarded by most modern Witches as the Celtic goddess of rebirth, transformation and inspiration.


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Enchantress by Fallen Engel 2016(Chris Hitchcock Morman (Fallen Engel))

Enchantress by Fallen Engel 2016 by Chris Hitchcock Morman Enchantress by Fallen Engel 2016