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... since demons were once angels, their righteousness cannot have been completely overcome. Just covered up, hidden, buried so deep into their souls that they can ignore it. But we can never forget,"Belieal said sadly, feeling the hollow bit of himself that had once been full. "We can never forget what we've lost, and I think that that is our greatest curse of all. - Kenneth Evers


I land, breathing heavily after such a furious flight. I try and whip around when I hear footsteps but something grabs my wing and cuts a deep slash into the already injured wing. The person behind me laughs. "Thought you had escaped didn't you?" They taunted. "Well we're just getting started testing in you" They squeeze my wing until I pass out from pain. I wake in my old cell right as the person who had caught me walks in and smirks (Open rp just jump in)

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Real PS4 Screenshots Justify All That 'Next-Gen' Hype

This game is probably considered a little old now, but I absolutely love it and I always will!


Angels are powerful beings that do the will of God and make spiritual warfare against the devil all around us all the time.

Fantasy Writing ... The Hierarchy of Angels: The Nine Choirs of Heaven #fantasywriting #scifiwriting

Fantasy Writing ... The Hierarchy of Angels: The Nine Choirs of Heaven #fantasywriting #scifiwriting