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"Why dear, if you're wishing me to kill you I'd say a very considerate no. Of course you want to know why, and I shall tell you... It is much more fun to watch you suffer than let you rest. That might be considered mercy." ©Callie Stuckey

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Some angels are destined to FALL< The Act of Falling is a central tenet of our core belief in equality; it is a primary dedication to humanity to be on the same plane to love, empathize and evolve together as one.

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Fallen angels. Dressed as a lamb, but heed my warning. That which appears to be the light, will leave you in the dark. Favourite Quote

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Tate Langdon

Does losing your place change you, or do you change when you lose your place? Either way, it sucks to not be the favorite anymore...

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And when her halo broke she carved the two halves into horns- I'd have it in Greek

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