22 Popular Medium Hairstyles for Women - Mid Length Hairstyles

22 Popular Medium Hairstyles for Women 2018 - Shoulder Length Hair Ideas

Not too short yet not a long time, the lob may be the ideal choice for ladies who want something “in-between”. Take a look at these super hot lob haircut ideas! Credit A lob through a blunt cut just underneath… Continue Reading →

Caramel Ribbons-Hot Hair color trends 2017

Caramel Ribbons-Hot Hair color trends 2017

Trendy Hair Highlights Picture Description Fall hair color inspo: A perfectly executed balayage to give this client caramel, sunkissed highlights.

2017 LA Hairstyle Trends - New Los Angeles Hair Looks

3 Hair Trends That Are Huge In L.A. Right Now

Geode Hair – Looking to add color to your hair, but don't want to bleach it? With minimal stripping, this amethyst-to-navy ombré is gentle on hair and in terms of color, truly lives up to its gem namesake. Click through for more hair color ideas for summer.

80+ Hair Color Trends You Need to Know for 2018

Geode Hair Trend is rocking nowadays because of the color effects use in this hairstyle today we have got some styles for you so let's check all of them.

Brunette and honey caramel lights. On point. Color by Coryn Neylon.  Filed under: Hair Color, Hair Styles, Hair Stylists Tagged: balayage, beauty, brunette, hair, hairstyles, highlights, style, trends

Brown Bear Honey (Mane Interest)

Brunette and honey caramel lights. when i see all these blonde balayage hair colors from fall to winter it always makes me jealous i wish i could do something like that I absolutely love this blonde balayage hair color so pretty!

For my son who is marrying a girl with light blonde hair and dark roots, he will find his dream girl

Most Popular Hair Color Trends 2017, Top Hair Stylists Weigh In

Chocolate Mauve Hair Color Ideas

Trend Hairstylel 20 Pretty Chocolate Mauve Hair Colors: Ideas to Inspire,Chocolate mauve hair colours are excellent for the upcoming season; the colour is a fancy association of a number of hair colours that create an gener.