Beautiful Leopard Appaloosa Horse I WANT ONE NOW!! Wonder if our apartment will know it's not a dog!

Beautiful Leopard Appaloosa Horse I WANT ONE NOW! Wonder if our apartment will know it's not a dog!

how cute is this mini-horse with trendy floral crown?

Ring bearer and flower girl pulled in a cart by a mini! Or a pair of minis could be the flower girl and ring bearer.

Definitely want some of these

15+ Mini Horses You Don’t Want Your Kids To See

Adorable miniature horse. I Love This Little Guy!

How do you even find a saddle this big? haha , it is probabley from a toy horse! Little tiny horse with a little tiny saddle. So stinkin cute!

.I'm so small.....  Out of all my boards this little baby is being pinned the most!

Miniature horse laying down on the family sofa! How sweet is this little horse. I would love a horse in my house sitting on my couch like a lap dog!

best images and pictures ideas about cute baby horses - how long do horses live

How Long Do Horses Live and Everything about Horse Age (FACT!)

How precious is this? i can't believe how sweet this little guy is. i want him bad: Tiny Baby Animal, Tiny Animal, Cutest Baby Animal, Baby Unicorn

perfecthorse: Escudeto VII PRECiuciu

Hey, it's like if you put Seth and a normal size horse together. Except Seth would be trying to chew the other horses knees off.

falabella and a saint-bernard - how beautiful? Our St. met a mini horse that was just his height, only heavier. We got pix just like this.

This is lil dot! big dog, little horse.or is that a regular horse and that dog is a monster from an another dimension

Baby Falabella so cute

Mini donkey foal ~ isn't it cute? My father in law has miniature donkeys and they are one of the sweetest animals I've ever had the honor of be-friending!

appaloosa miniature horse

I love their temperaments they are just like small horses. Not pokey or spoiled like some ponies can be.he knows he's really a horse!