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Feb 2015 - Sadly very true as how i feel at the moment ... so scared i cant get over this :-(

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look for the differences between sad and depressed. the depressed are better at hiding it than the sad ones.

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avaMagz: The girl who seemed unbreakable, broke The girl who seemed strong, crumbled The girl who always smiled, cried The girl who never gave up, quit trying Finally, she dropped her fake smile and whispered: I can't do this anymore

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scary Black and White depressed depression sad lonely trees alone b&w dark rain self-harm upset sadness darkness demons fake smile fake smilies

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Hey guys. If you need to talk, please just comment below. I'll be here for you and I promise I won't judge you or talk about you. I know exactly how that feels, and it hurts so bad, so I would never do it to someone else. Please talk if you need to. I would stay up all night to talk you out of a terrible decision. ❤️

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