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You are so FAKE I swear I saw the words "made in china" etched into the back of your neck. | Confession Ecard

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#RT follow my fanpage: .facebook was the last source of communication we had and you befriended her. Your mother's love is not worth knowing now?????

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People Don’t Change Unless They Want To

Fake people eventually show their true colors!!! So incredibly appropriate!

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High School Problems on

This is what society does. It's awful. Cruel. Why can't society be encouraging instead?

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Right. You dont need to be an open book to anybody who comes along. People dont care THAT much. Respect your own privacy!!!

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You gained attention but lost respect - true. Just look like a big gossiper telling everyone your business. but loving it at the same time cause I look better by not being that person who has to revert to that.

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