asazora: “ “ here’s for all the lovely and kind people asking me about my headers and fake calligraphy!! i’m sorry i kinda suck at instructions, so i tried putting more detail to direct y'all (´△`) i hope this helps!! also i just started an ig so if...

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Is dip pen calligraphy too intimidating? Learn how to create fake calligraphy with supplies you probably already have. . Free tutorial with pictures on how to draw a piece of calligraphy in under 30 minutes by creating and drawing with ball pen, sharpie, and ruler. How To posted by destinationdecoration. in the Art section Difficulty: Simple. Cost: Absolutley free. Steps: 5

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5•21•16 I finally made a reference sheet on how to do the fake calligraphy! More

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how to fake calligraphy

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