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Lucy and Mavis similarities

Lucy and Mavis similarities

Fairy Tail OC~ You don't want me to use this~ by KendyPun on DeviantArt

Whew, a lot of work, honestly, it was xDD Especially her friggin' illusions magic again~! Why is it so hard to draw magic~! And it's stupid to colour when you don't use the linework curve tool xD .

Fascinating Facts About Fairy Tail | Anime/manga: Fairy Tail [Erza Scarlet / Natsu Dragneel / Lucy Heartfilia / Wendy Marvell / Ur / Ultear Milkovich / Virgo / Gray Fullbuster / Jellal Fernandes / Mavis Vermilion / Makarov Dreyar / Acnologia / Happy]

One of these is wrong: Hiroshima mashing stated that if Natsu and Lucy were to have a child HER name would be Nashi, he was talking about a daughter not a son

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Fairy Tail Next Gen, fairy tail ships. Luna Dragneel and Storm Fullbuster Luna has fire powers and Storm's body is made of water and he has ice magic so he can turn his body to ice.

Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia and their daughter • Nalu || Fairy Tail

This is so cute “Don’t go away for too long Natsu. They’re mad. -madly in love with you!“ Nalu Fluff Week Day Cuddling and Day Family :) Ugh I’m late…

Fairy Tail Erza memes - Google Search

I love em both even tho I haven't watched one piece and prefer Natsu 😂❤️