Lol poor pantherlily

Fairy Tail ♥ Gajevy ♥ -- I KNEW I wasn't the only one who saw they were nekkid and in the shower!

NaLu: fairy tail episode 198

Your feeling love the feeling is love. So go get em tiger!

fairy tail lucy and gray | Gray x Lucy kiss animation by Milady666 on deviantART

my first clumsy kiss animation ) XDDD What they talk about,I leave it to your imagination)) It took a week or more,because I was too lazy XD co. Gray x Lucy kiss animation

Sting x Lucy... I must admit, they look cute together... But I'm a Nalu shipper for LIFE!

Lol I'm a NaLu fan but, I ship Lucy with other guys too xD (NaLu is number 1 though, no worries! Sting and Lucy lol

From all over the over 100 I have seen I think I'd want to be in overlord as eins but I'd do soma changes at how he looks

Goodbye I'm going to FairyTail thank you world! Tell my friends and family that I live them. I'm taking my friend because we both chose this anime.

Jellal X Erza, Fairy Tail, otaku reaction--- that part had me soo mad I cried and wanted to strangle someone

Jellal X Erza, Fairy Tail, otaku reaction--- that part mad me soo mad I cried. Death the Kid!

gray & juvia - fairy tail

gray & juvia - fairy tail

you don't even know how much I want this to happen after Fairytail Zero...

*clutches chest while sobbing as her heart breaks into a million pieces*

Jellal : I Hav A Fiancé ... Erza : ! Oh...h ! Con..congr...congraa..congratulati....ions. ....  JELLA, YOU LIAR!!! >_< Why didn't you kiss her?!?


Lucy and Natsu kissing... almost! Fairy Tail

Lucy and Natsu kissing. - Did u notice Happy shipping Nalu 😂