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Day 15 - Favorite sidekick in anime - Happy from Fairy Tail - Happy can be so cute and funny at times. Sometimes goofing around with Natsu or making fun of Natsu and Lucy, or anyone for that matter! Aye Sir! ^.^

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Fairy tail

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Happy fairy tail by justvinaj-d5i0j8v.jpg

Happy The Cat from fairy tale | Image - Happy fairy tail by justvinaj-d5i0j8v.jpg - Fairy Tail Wiki

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Loooool, I love Happy so much ♡|| The last picture is pretty much me right now, I've given up on school idgaf, even though it's my last year. I should be in school right now.

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Happy's favorite food is fish. Because he's a cat, you know? If he reeeeeeally likes you, he might even offer to share.

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