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Me: *sees my anime list* if I can lose 5 hours of sleep I can watch 10 episodes but. Neverending I'm watching anime screw sleep

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Ok they spelled Lucy wrong but still BOOOOM goes the dynamite! <--- nah it's a nickname Natsu calls Lucy sometimes and is pronounce as "loose" but yeah, poor Lucy ~w~

RWBY Character Status Chart Volume 5 Episode 14

RWBY Character Status Chart Volume 5 Episode 14

Don't Know Erza? by Pikawolf11.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Over-exaggeration is redundant. Exaggeration is over stating something. So I'm a way "over-exaggeration" is an exaggeration.

1)Sword Art Online 2)FairyTail 3)Natsu Dragneel and L 4)Erza Scarlet 5)Attack on Titan 6)Tokyo Ghoul 7)Natsu Dragneel 8)KiritoxAsuna (only because natsu and Lucy aren't official cx 9)Gajeel Redfox 12)DeathNote; L's Death DX 13)Erza Scarlet 14)FairyTail 15)Happy from FairyTail 20)Juvia Lockster (FairyTail) and Misa (DeathNote) 21)Undertaker|blackbutler 22)Erza's Armour 23).. 24)When L died 25)L 26)Natsu and Gajeel vs Sting and Rogue 27)"Why have magic if you can use it to protect your…

30 Day Anime Challenge I: Very First Anime You Watched

Finally some gruvia moments! I really want Gray to accept Juvias love..

This Gruvia moment is just out of this world! So much love in this scene :') Gray truly shows that he loves Juvia here ^o^ Tartaros Arc :D

At least anime boys do. The only guys in my world though are anime. So yup!

and people wonder how yaoi fangirls find yaoi moments in shounen anime :P

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