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British; Fairey Swordfish Mk.1 from FAA Squadrons 815 & 819 aboard HMS Illustrious that participated on the Taranto Raid, 11th November 1940


PREPARING FAIREY SWORDFISH FOR TORPEDO DROPPING EXERCISES. HMS ILLUSTRIOUS, 20 OCTOBER 1942./ A torpedo being wheeled into positon under a Fairey Swordfish torpedo-bomber. © IWM (A 12873)


26 May 41: Outdated British bi-plane Fairey Swordfish torpedo bombers from the HMS ARK ROYAL attack the great German battleship BISMARCK, hitting and jamming her rudder, leaving her running in circles. The BISMARK will be polished off tomorrow and the HMS HOOD will be avenged. Designed in the 1930s and nicknamed the "Stringbag," the Fairey Swordfish bi-plane outlived several types intended to replace it and remained in front line service until V-E Day. #WWII #History