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150+ companies that have fair trade products, you buy one they give one to someone in need or they donate a portion of their proceeds. Purchase with a purpose!

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If customers by Fair Trade clothing not only does it give them luxury items but also has an impact on the manufactures lives in developing countries. Fairtrade helps small-scale cotton farmers in developing countries to invest in their communities, by guaranteeing them a fair and stable price and a Fairtrade Premium for investment in community development projects.

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15 Fair Trade and Eco Friendly Denim Brands You Should Know Exist

15 Fair Trade and Eco Friendly Denim Brands You Should Know Exist | These 15 denim brands are pushing the limits of eco friendly manufacturing, they're asking tough questions about their supply chains and building products that last.

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A simple yet effective question. This image makes you consider what effect your clothing has and will have on the world at some point- whether this be from its manufacturing, transportation , maintenance or disposal.

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Shopping Ethically: An Infographic

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5 Ways to build a more ethical closet (no matter your budget)

Here's a comment that comes up a lot when I talk about fair fashion here on the blog: "I would love to build a more ethical closet but I can't afford ethical br

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Rankings of clothing brands and whether they practice social and environmental responsibility. TAKE NOTE! Vote with your $$

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