This would so much fun to do with my #FutureBF #PlzFollowMe

I hate heights, but love the view. And I also love Ferris wheels. But I think I'd feel just a bit safer with you by my side

Carnival Nights | Rocky Barnes

[st_gallery gallery& size& columns& lightbox& I love how a carnival transforms at night.

How To Coordinate With Your BFF Without Being OTT

How To Coordinate With Your BFF Without Being OTT

Twinning doesn't mean you have to get the exact same sweater or rock the classic partners in crime friendship bracelets — even if you do admit to loving this slightly cheesy tradition. Here are four different ways you and your bestie can dress to impress.

going to the fair with your best friend

Obsessed with Your BFF? 19 Signs You’re in a Codependent Friendship - The Bolde

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i just wanna take a pretty girl to the movies and to the fair and to the park and to small cafès and shit i just wanna b happy

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