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{Patrick Stump} Phoenix Benzedrine, 24. He loves his life; working as a music producer in the morning to singing and playing in a band at night. It was the perfect life, he had many friends and he was friendly to everyone. It was a normal day until he woke up stuck in 1950 with no idea how he even got here. He tried to figure out how to manage until a woman helped him. He now works at a local radio station as a broadcaster, annoucing every song and playing songs on the radio.

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Mikey in rehearsal // I literally want to marry him. Ugh he's so friggen cute like what <<< same here

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Black Veil Brides- I'm so mesmerizing by their eyes I would probably do anything they said cuz I mean look at those beautiful eyes>>omg same

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In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful people in the world...and that has nothing to do with his physical appearance

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Holly :3 on

Day 27:Favorite member-All of them, I love them all for a different reason so I don't have one favorite =)

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Panic! At The Disco, Los Angeles, March 2016 // Photo credit: Kevin Estrada

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Bam. There it is. It's like a genderbent Ariel the little mermaid.<< it is the genderbent little mermaid

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that face...has always made my heart skip a beat, Oh G. Wish i could ignore that arizona debacle and things would be as they were once.

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