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how not to fire a shot gun........

The first time a Windows system administrator gets hold of a Linux system with root access.

35 Best Ever Funny GIFs of All Time

Top 35 Funny Gifs Which Will Make You Laugh Hard :D

35 Best Ever Funny GIFs of All Time [ "you can so tell it's staged like before the guy gets hit he glances up to see if he is walking in the right place but

29 Miserable Failures in Execution - FAIL Blog - Fail | Fails | Fail Blog | Funny Videos | Fail GIFs | Fail Videos | Yahoo Answers

News just in Moonmoon is lost in the stormstorm Dammit, moonmoon!

Biggest Fails – 30 Pics

Biggest Fails – 30 Pics Best GIFs every day! Best GIFs every day!

Falls trips – 17 GIFs

Falls trips – 17 GIFs